Illegal Souvenirs

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The trade of certain souvenirs and products can be restricted or illegal due to concerns about conservation,  cultural heritage, and endangered species protection. While regulations may vary, here’s a general list of items to  avoid purchasing as souvenirs in the United States to ensure compliance with international and domestic laws:

  • Ivory Products: Purchasing or selling products made from ivory, such as carvings or jewelry, is prohibited to  protect endangered elephant populations.
  • Coral and Shells: Items made from certain coral species or protected shells may be subject to restrictions under  conservation laws.
  • Turtle Products: Souvenirs made from turtle shells, including jewelry and accessories, may be illegal due to the  protection of turtle species. 
  • Feathers and Bird Products: Items made from protected bird species, including feathers and taxidermy, are  regulated under wildlife protection laws.
  • Certain Animal Skins and Furs: Products made from endangered or protected animal skins, such as those from  big cats or reptiles, may be illegal.
  • Historical and Cultural Artifacts: Purchasing artifacts or cultural items that were illegally obtained or exported  from their country of origin is prohibited. 
  • Products Made from Endangered Wood: Souvenirs made from wood of endangered tree species, such as certain  types of tropical hardwood, may be subject to restrictions.
  • Certain Plants and Seeds: Some plants and seeds, especially those from endangered or protected species, may  be restricted due to agricultural and conservation concerns.
  • Products Made from Endangered or Threatened Species: Items crafted from species listed as endangered or  threatened under the Endangered Species Act are illegal to trade without proper documentation.
  • Counterfeit Goods: Purchasing counterfeit or pirated goods, including fake designer items or unauthorized  reproductions of copyrighted materials, is against the law.
  • Illegal Drugs
  • Weapons
  • Certain animals

It’s important for travelers to be aware of the laws and regulations regarding the purchase and transport of  souvenirs, both domestically and internationally.  

Consulting with local authorities or doing research before making purchases can help ensure compliance with  relevant regulations and promote responsible and ethical tourism.

Supporting local Restaurants and shops

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Supporting local Restaurants and shops


We want to encourage and motivate you to support local restaurants and shops in your community. By choosing to dine at local eateries and shop at neighborhood stores, you’re not only savoring unique flavors and finding one-of-a-kind products, but you’re also making a significant positive impact on the local economy. Your support directly contributes to the livelihoods of your fellow community members and fosters a sense of togetherness. Moreover, these local businesses often provide exceptional personalized service and contribute to the character and vibrancy of your community. In addition to enjoying the convenience of local options, you are also investing in the growth and sustainability of the area you call home. So, why not explore and discover the hidden gems in your vicinity? Your choices can truly make a difference, and you’ll find that your community is richer for it.

Child and woman abuse and sexual exploitation

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Child and woman abuse and sexual exploitation

We vehemently condemn child sexual exploitation in all its forms. Our commitment to the well-being and protection of children is unwavering, and we actively stand against any actions that exploit or harm minors. We firmly believe in fostering an environment that ensures the safety, dignity, and rights of every child and women. This commitment extends across our operations, policies, and partnerships, as we strive to contribute to a world where every child can grow up free from the scourge of sexual exploitation. Our dedicated team collaborates closely with law enforcement, social services, and relevant organizations to proactively prevent, identify, and respond to instances of exploitation, should any requests arise from our clients. We place significant emphasis on raising awareness among our guests regarding this serious concern, actively promoting responsible and respectful travel behaviors. Together, we aspire to create a world where everyone can enjoy their journeys to the United States and beyond, with the assurance that they are contributing to a safer, more compassionate global community.

Sustainable Practices

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Sustainability Policy


MAD Tours and Events acknowledges our significant role and influence in fostering sustainable tourism. As a travel agency, we interact with a diverse range of tourism stakeholders, including tour operators, hotels, transportation providers, tour guides, eateries, attractions, and our valued customers. To maximize the positive impacts and minimize the negative effects of tourism within our operations, we are committed to adopting and promoting sound sustainable practices. Furthermore, we strive to inspire our clients and partners to do the same.



Our Mission

MAD Tours and Events, a progressive inbound tour operator, is dedicated to providing visitors with an authentic local experience by facilitating cultural and environmental immersion through meaningful collaborations with local vendors. We recognize our responsibility to actively engage with vendors, visitors, and the general public to champion sustainability through civic participation and the preservation of local cultural assets in our travel destinations. In the realm of personal travel advice, our commitment to sustainability shines through. We prioritize not only the enjoyment of your travel experiences but also their environmental and ethical impact. As part of our tailored travel advice, we inform our clients about sustainable alternatives whenever available. This encompasses a wide range of aspects, from eco-friendly accommodations to responsible excursions, package holidays, and green transportation options. Our aim is to provide you with a well-rounded perspective on the choices that align with your values and contribute to sustainable travel. By offering these sustainable alternatives, we empower our clients to make responsible decisions that enhance their journeys and contribute to the betterment of our planet. Your travel experience is not just about where you go; it’s also about how you get there and the positive impact you leave behind.





Our Vision


Our vision is to promote conscientious and exceptional travel and tourism experiences that offer visitors an authentic taste of our destinations and their respective cultures. Simultaneously, we are committed to safeguarding and conserving the natural and human resources of the communities for the enjoyment of current and future generations, both for tourists and locals.


Sustainability Management and Legal Compliance

We commit to effective sustainability management through the following actions:

  • We appointed an employee responsible for sustainability coordinator tasks which is Isabelle Mary Founder and CFO of MAD Tours and Events. Establishing a sustainability action plan with clear targets, actions, measures, responsibilities, and time planning.
  • Our specific, measurable, achievable and relevant targets below:

o Reduce carbon emissions from travel operations by 10% by 2025.

o Increase the promotion of eco-friendly accommodations to 10% of total bookings by 2024.

o Increase the promotion of eco-friendly accommodations to 20% of total bookings by 2025.

o Increase the promotion of eco-friendly accommodations to 30% of total bookings by 2026.

o Implement a waste reduction program to achieve zero single-use plastics in travel packages by 2024.

o Reduce the carbon emissions on each tour and travel package with waste reduction,

promotion of eco-friendly accommodations, and customer awareness by the end of 2024 and 2025.

  • Developing documented procedures to monitor and evaluate the implementation of our sustainability policy, objectives, and targets with KPI. Identify relevant KPIs to measure progress toward sustainability targets will be about for 2024 and 2025:

o Carbon footprint per traveler.

o Percentage of travelers choosing eco-friendly accommodations for 2024

o Maintaining a written sustainability policy that seeks to reduce negative social, cultural, economic, and environmental impacts while including employee-related health and safety aspects.

o Conducting a baseline assessment of our sustainable practices performance.

o Ensuring transparency in sustainability by public reporting and communication by the end of 2024.

o We also commit to adhering to all national legislation, regulations, and codes of practice.


Internal Management: Social Policy and Human Rights

Our sustainable internal management entails a clear and well-communicated social policy, which includes these fundamental principles:

  • Granting employees the freedom of employment and contract termination with a two week’s notice without penalty.
  • Ensuring that the basic salary of all future full-time employees exceeds the national minimum wage and is mentioned in the employment contract.
  • Providing employees with fixed paid yearly holidays, sick leave, and an unpaid annual leave allowance.
  • Equipping relevant home office with first aid sets.
  • Prohibiting discrimination during recruitment, employment conditions, access to training and senior positions, and promotion based on gender, race, age, disability, ethnicity, religion/beliefs, or sexual orientation.
  • Ensuring equal opportunities and access to resources and personal development.

Internal Management: Environment and Community Relations

Our commitment to environmental protection and community relations entails:

  • Reducing the use of disposable goods by employing ceramic plates, cups, and glasses.
  • Purchasing products in bulk to minimize packaging materials.
  • Setting printers for double-sided printing and reusing old printouts for internal documents.
  • Implementing an ‘internet only’ policy to reduce brochure wastage.
  • Turning off lights and equipment when not in use, and setting equipment to energy-saving mode whenever feasible.
  • Using LED energy-efficient lighting.
  • Choosing non-hazardous, non-eutrophic, biodegradable cleaning materials certified with an eco-label where locally available.
  • Preferring low-energy equipment when purchasing new items, considering cost and quality.
  • Complying with national waste disposal legislation by separating materials that can be recycled for proper disposal.
  • Reducing transport-related impacts through telework, tele/video meetings, work-at-home policies, or other means.
  • Recycling or properly disposing of batteries.
  • Monitoring and reducing energy consumption on a monthly basis.
  • Ensuring all taps have water-efficient adaptors.
  • Offering financial incentives to future full time employees for using public transport or sustainable means of transportation and owners of MAD TOURS AND EVENTS to use the subway as much as possible without the use of taxi or Lyft or Uber when feasible. If not using the subway, the use City Bike or walking  are alternative for Mad Tours and Events Owners.
  • Contributing to the protection and preservation of local historical, archaeological, cultural, and spiritually significant properties and sites.



We aim to ensure that the vehicles used on our tours cause no more than the average level of pollution. Recognizing the vital role of transportation in sustainable tourism, we endeavor to reduce the overall pollution level.

To achieve this, we commit to:

  • Selecting the most sustainable transportation options based on price and comfort when choosing transport to the destination for clients and both MAD Tours and Events owners. MAD TOURS AND EVENTS owners certify that in New York City the subway will be for 2024 main use of transportation to go to meeting with clients and vendors but we also will ensure as owners of MAD TOURS AND EVENTS that we will meet our clients for their walking tours all over New York City (Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island and Queens included) by subway only to avoid using Lyft, Taxi or UBER and reduce the overall pollution level.
  • Considering and giving preference to more sustainable alternatives when selecting transportation options for transfers and excursions within the destination, taking into account price, comfort, and practical considerations. We will monitor the use of subway transportation weekly for the owners Martine Dominique and Isabelle Mary along with Freelance Tour guide at MAD Tours and Events.
  • Ensuring that vehicles are maintained in accordance with guidelines and emission tests, with upto date vehicle insurance and registrations when necessary and if necessary to use vehicles for some clients.
  • We are establishing a monitoring system to track progress regularly monthly by Mars 2024.



We are dedicated to building a fully sustainable tourism supply chain, where partner accommodations play a significant role in achieving this goal. We actively encourage and motivate partner accommodations to adopt sustainable practices.

Our commitments include:

  • Preferring and selecting accommodations that are locally owned and managed.
  • Choosing accommodations that employ members of the local communities.
  • Clearly and actively communicating our sustainability objectives and accommodation requirements to contracted and other relevant
  • MAD Tours and Events does not contract accommodations, directly nor indirectly that are involved in compulsory labour, or that employ children to complete work that is normally undertaken by adults. There are special working times and conditions for children (< 14 years old) working within the business, in accordance with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and/or the ILO convention 138. These conditions are mentioned in the contract with the accommodation. We request that the supplier vehemently denounces any form of child exploitation occurring within the premises and facilities of subcontracted accommodations. Failure by the supplier/hotel/vendors to promptly implement robust measures to prevent and halt the sexual exploitation of children within the property, encompassing accommodations and excursions, will result in the immediate termination of the contract by MAD Tours and Events.
  • If a contracted accommodation has been found to jeopardized the integrity of and the local community’s access to essential resources, essential services, access to livelihood, and access to important sites, MAD Tours and Events reserves the right to terminate the contract without warning.


Excursions and Activities

At MAD Tours and Events, we hold a deep appreciation for our culture, community, and the welfare of animals. Our commitment lies in organizing excursions and activities that leave a minimal footprint, ensuring the protection of our communities and the natural environment. We firmly stand against any practices that harm wildlife or pollute the environment.

To uphold this commitment, we:

  • Advise our guests on behavioral standards during excursions and activities, emphasizing respect for local culture, nature, and the environment. A do and Don’t while traveling in the United States and a list of illegal souvenirs documents are communicated via email and are also listed on our website.
  • Refrain from offering any excursions that harm humans, animals, plants, or natural resources, and those that are socially and culturally unacceptable.
  • Do not support excursions in which wildlife is held in captivity, unless these activities are properly regulated and in compliance with local laws.
  • Avoid any involvement with companies that engage in the harvesting, consumption, display, sale, or trade of wildlife species, unless they are part of a regulated activity that ensures sustainable utilization and complies with local, national, and international laws.
  • Employ skilled and certified guides to lead our guests in sensitive cultural sites, heritage locations, and ecologically delicate areas.
  • Encourage and advise our guests to partake in excursions and activities that actively involve and support local communities by purchasing services or goods, traditional crafts, local food production.
  • Promote and recommend excursions and activities that contribute to the conservation of the local environment and biodiversity, such as visiting protected areas.

Our company places the utmost importance on wildlife interactions, ensuring they are conducted in strict compliance with relevant codes of conduct, such as those established by Travelife. These codes of conduct guide our approach to these interactions, prioritizing the well-being and conservation of wildlife. We are committed to preventing any adverse effects on the viability and behavior of wildlife populations in the wild, taking into account the cumulative impacts of these interactions. To minimize any disturbance to natural ecosystems, we actively work towards rehabilitation and contribute to conservation management as a means of compensation. Our goal is to engage with wildlife in a responsible and sustainable manner that respects the delicate balance of nature and contributes to the preservation of these species and their habitats.

MAD Tours and Events is deeply committed to environmental and biodiversity protection, and as part of our responsible travel approach, we actively include and promote excursions and activities that align with these values. These experiences encompass visits to protected natural areas and engagement with environmental protection projects. We believe that by exposing our clients to the beauty and significance of protected environments, and by supporting initiatives dedicated to safeguarding these areas, we contribute to the preservation of ecosystems, biodiversity, and the overall health of our planet. By offering these excursions and activities, we aim to instill a sense of responsibility and appreciation for the environment, inspiring our clients to become advocates for the protection of our world’s natural wonders.


Tour Leaders, Guides, and Staff

We are dedicated to fostering a fair and safe working environment that respects and supports local communities. To ensure this, we:

  • Provide all employees with written employment contracts to ensure clarity regarding terms and conditions.
  • We always work with local tour leaders, guides, and staff and provide necessary training if needed on specific subjects.
  • Pay tour leaders, guides, and staff contracted by us always at a higher wage than the states regulations gives.
  • Ensure that our tour guides are licensed when require by the city where they work. Ensure contracted full time employees receive regular training and qualifications.
  • Include a sustainable travel module in the training program for full time employees, focusing on responsible tourism aspects, including the prevention of child exploitation.
  • Freelancers have also been offered and enrolled to receive the sustainable online Training by Travelife. 
  • Instruct our tour leaders and guides to inform clients about relevant sustainability matters, such as the protection of flora, fauna, and cultural heritage, as well as social norms, values, and human rights. Our freelance tour guides receive a code of conduct and our sustainable policies along with a written contract.

Our company is dedicated to advancing sustainability not only in the experiences we offer but also in our team. To reinforce this commitment, we have instituted a preference policy for hiring guides who have completed recognized sustainability training programs or in the process to do so.

By doing so, we aim to align our workforce with our vision for responsible and eco-conscious travel practices. This policy reflects our belief that guides with a solid foundation in sustainability principles contribute significantly to the positive impact we aspire to make in each destination. Additionally, for guides already working with us, we provide access to Travelife sustainability training, empowering them with the knowledge and tools to enhance their commitment to sustainable tourism. Through these measures, we not only prioritize environmental and cultural stewardship in our operations but also foster a team of dedicated professionals who share our values and contribute to the realization of our sustainability goals.



Our commitment is to maximize positive impacts and minimize negative effects at our travel destinations, promoting their sustainable development. To achieve this, we:

  • Adhere to legally-based overall planning, protected areas, and heritage regulations.
  • Support biodiversity conservation, including protected areas and regions of high biodiversity in our product offerings.
  • Do not promote or endorse souvenirs containing threatened flora and fauna species, or historic and archaeological artifacts, except when permitted by law.
  • Collaborate more with sustainable tour operators and accommodations.
  • Educate travelers on responsible tourism practices through online resources and guides along with our expertise
  • Child and woman abuse and sexual exploitation: We vehemently condemn child sexual exploitation in all its forms along with women abuse in all forms. Our commitment to the well-being and protection of children and women are unwavering, and we actively stand against any actions that exploit or harm minors and women. We firmly believe in fostering an environment that ensures the safety, dignity, and rights of every child and human beings. This commitment extends across our operations, policies, and partnerships, as we strive to contribute to a world where every child and woman can grow up free from the scourge of sexual exploitation. Our dedicated team collaborates closely with law enforcement, social services, and relevant organizations to proactively prevent, identify, and respond to instances of exploitation, should any requests arise from our clients. We place significant emphasis on raising awareness among our guests regarding this serious concern, actively promoting responsible and respectful travel behaviors. Together, we aspire to create a world where everyone can enjoy their journeys to the United States and beyond, with the assurance that they are contributing to a safer, more compassionate global community.


Customer Communication and Protection

We prioritize the welfare and information of our customers, ensuring clear, continuous communication, and high-level protection. 

  • Our Destination Management Company places the highest importance on safeguarding customer privacy and ensuring it is never compromised. We uphold strict data protection measures, adhering to all relevant laws and regulations to secure the personal information of our clients. Our commitment to privacy extends across all facets of our operations, from booking and payment processes to the handling of sensitive travel details. 
  • We employ robust cybersecurity measures to protect against data breaches and unauthorized access without IT Provider. 
  • Furthermore, our full-time staff is is trained in ethical practices, guaranteeing that your personal information remains confidential and secure. We want our customers to have complete confidence that their privacy is respected and always maintained, allowing them to focus on enjoying their travel experiences without concern for their sensitive data.
  • Our commitment to integrity and transparency is reflected in our promotion materials and marketing communications. We ensure that our content adheres to all relevant industry standards and voluntary codes of conduct. Our approach is to be transparent and accurate, promising only what we can genuinely deliver. We believe in building trust with our clients by providing honest, reliable information about our services and travel experiences. 
  • Our marketing materials aim to empower travelers with realistic expectations, ensuring that the journey they embark on aligns with the compelling stories we share. We understand the importance of authenticity in travel, and our dedication to providing accurate information is at the core of our mission, allowing clients to make informed decisions and have travel experiences that meet or exceed their expectations.
  1. Before booking, we commit to:
    1. Safeguarding customer privacy and ensuring it is never compromised.
    2. Providing clear, comprehensive, and accurate information about our company and its products and services, including sustainability claims.
    3. Offering factually correct, balanced, and complete destination information, including sustainability aspects.
    4. Informing customers about sustainable alternatives concerning accommodations, excursions, package holidays, and transport options, whenever available.


  1. After booking and during trip, we commit to:
    1. Providing customers with information about the natural surroundings, local culture, and cultural heritage in the destination.
    2. Informing customers about potential risks and precautions related to health and safety matters in the destination.
    3. Making an emergency contact number available and accessible 24/7 on our website and all the technical program offered to clients.
    4. Training to providing guidelines on how to handle emergency situations.
    5. Offering clients documented guidelines and codes of conduct for sensitive excursions and activities, aiming to minimize negative visitor impact and maximize enjoyment.
    6. Providing customers with information about commercial, sexual, or any other form of exploitation and harassment, particularly involving children and adolescents and women.
    7. Informing clients about applicable legislation regarding the purchase, sale, import, and export of historic or religious artifacts and articles containing materials of threatened flora and fauna in the destination.
    8. Encouraging clients to support local restaurants and shops, particularly when suitable.
    9. Informing clients about sustainable transport options in destinations whenever feasible.
    10. Encouraging clients to donate to PROJECT HOPE via our website


  1. After the end of your trip, we commit to:
    1. Systematically measuring client satisfaction and using the results for service and product improvements.
    2. Complain procedures

If you encounter any issues or have complaints regarding your trip, we value your feedback and want to address your concerns promptly. Our team is available around the clock to assist you. To initiate the complaints procedure, please contact our customer support through the provided means of contact:

  • Martine +1 646 707 7336
  • Isabelle + 1 646 895 5778

Email: [email protected]

When reaching out, please provide detailed information about the nature of your complaint, including dates, locations, and any relevant documentation. We are committed to investigating every concern thoroughly and working towards a satisfactory resolution. Your feedback is crucial to enhancing our services, and we appreciate your patience as we strive to make your travel experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible.



We Support

At MAD Tours and Events we wanted to give back, and it was important for us to spotlight a cause we all believe in.

Project HOPE resonated with us because of its mission to improve access to health care and empower communities to become more self-sufficient around the world.

“For more than 60 years, Project HOPE has transformed the health and well-being of people and communities around the world. We work on the front lines of the world’s health challenges, partnering hand-in-hand with communities, health care workers, and public health systems to ensure sustainable change.”



Chez MAD Tours and Events, nous voulions donner en retour. Il était important pour nous de mettre en valeur une cause à laquelle nous croyons.

Project HOPE nous a convaincu en raison de sa mission qui consiste à améliorer l’accès aux soins de santé et à permettre aux communautés de devenir plus autonomes dans le monde entier.

“Depuis plus de 60 ans, Project HOPE a transformé la santé et le bien-être des personnes et des communautés dans le monde entier. Nous travaillons en première ligne des défis sanitaires mondiaux, en partenariat main dans la main avec les communautés, les employés de ce secteur et la santé publique afin d’assurer un changement durable.”

Project HOPE

Project HOPE places power in the hands of local health care workers to save lives around the world. Whether training midwives in Indonesia, outfitting hospitals in Sierra Leone, or equipping health care workers on the front lines of COVID-19, we are committed to empowering health care workers with the support they need to heal people who need it most.

Project HOPE

Project HOPE met le pouvoir entre les mains des travailleurs de la santé locaux pour sauver des vies dans le monde entier. Qu’il s’agisse de former des sages-femmes en Indonésie, d’équiper des hôpitaux en Sierra Leone ou d’équiper les travailleurs de la santé sur les lignes de front de COVID 19, nous nous engageons à donner aux employés de ce secteur le soutien dont ils ont besoin pour soigner les personnes malades.

Where does my money actually go?

Project HOPE has earned a reputation for financial integrity and efficiency. They take stewardship seriously, and they work to maximize the value of every contribution they receive. Project HOPE meets all 20 comprehensive charity accountability standards of the Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance, and more than 87 percent of their expended resources support their lifesaving health projects around the world.

Où va réellement mon argent ?

Project HOPE a acquis une réputation d’intégrité et de fiabilité financière. Cette association prend la gestion des fonds au sérieux et s’efforce de maximiser la valeur de chaque contribution qu’elle reçoit. Project HOPE répond aux 20 normes de responsabilité des organismes de bienfaisance du Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance, et plus de 87 % des ressources dépensées soutiennent leurs projets de santé dans le monde entier.

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