The reputation of Las Vegas is well established: a city of excess, luxury and excess of all kinds, the gambling capital of the world is and will remain inimitable. One thing’s for sure: you won’t forget your stay in Las Vegas.

A festive destination for gamblers, families, couples and friends, but also for sports enthusiasts, thrill-seekers and adventure seekers, Las Vegas has many facets, each as attractive as the next.

Let’s step back in time and relive the glorious history of Las Vegas. From a simple desert, a fortress was built. Located in the Mojave Desert, this must-see city was built from nothing.

  • 1829: Antonio Armijo, a European, discovers a desert plain which he names Las Vegas (the prairies, in Spanish).
  • 1855: The Mormon people settle in Las Vegas.
  • 1905: Plots of land in Las Vegas are auctioned off, allowing the city to blossom.
  • 1906: The first hotel opens: the Golden Gate Hotel and Casino, still in operation today.
  • 1931: The state of Nevada legalizes gambling by signing a treaty.
  • 1941: El Rancho, the first resort on the Strip, transforms small gambling dens into luxury hotel-casinos.
  • 1946: Gangster Bugsy Spielgel creates Las Vegas’ first themed hotel: The Flamingo.
  • 1966: Billionaire aviator Howard Hughes “cleans up the city”. As he conquered the city, he fought against the crime that persisted in the streets.

In the years that followed, many of today’s world-famous hotels were built. These included the Tropicana (1956), Caesars Palace (1966), Mirage (1989), Excalibur (1990), MGM Grand (1993) and Bellagio (1998).


Today, Las Vegas is a must-see destination not only for casino gamblers, but also for families, thanks to the development of theme parks and shows. It offers a number of out-of-the-ordinary attractions, including a volcano with fake eruptions, giant aquariums and miniature reproductions of historic monuments from all over the world.

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