Covid 19

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Spontaneous trips are not the best to do during a pandemic so let us help you plan the safest vacation. If we see that is spreading where you are supposed to visit, we will share with you our concern and either work with you in another city or move the dates if you wish. Here are a few recommendations for a responsible vacation.

Enhanced protocols of Safety

We are selecting partners who follow strict guidelines and have the same objective to keep you safe while traveling with us. All our suppliers are required to follow the CDC guidelines for your protection.

Travel responsibly

Wherever you go, we will practice social-distancing measures and wear masks around strangers, indoors in public places, and outdoors in crowds or where social distancing isn’t possible according to the state’s regulations.

Get tested

Depending on the type of overnight trip you’re taking and if you’ll come into close contact with other people outside your bubble, consider getting a COVID-19 test before you go and when you return home.

Prepare for the unexpected—and pack for it, too

Bring extra masks, hand sanitizer, and wipes. It’s better to be overprepared than underprepared.

Support local businesses every step of the way

Small businesses prefer payment by credit or debit card at this time, to avoid handling money.

Be patient and tip well

Have respect and empathy for hospitality professionals trying to offer you a memorable experience in these difficult times. You owe it to them to do your best to keep them safe.

Follow the rules of the communities you visit

Check for any local or regional updates while you’re on the road and once you return home

Small group size

Our MAD Tours are limited to 10 to 15 participants depending on the activity or tour selected in all our cities. This is to make you feel more comfortable traveling with us and to facilitate social distancing.

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