Customs & Return

If you need to take medication with you, you must have a doctor’s prescription with you, corresponding to the prescription you are taking.
-Remember that any excess baggage weight will be taxed by the airline on your return.
-When you arrive at your destination, check if you are exempt from duty-free and taxes at customs, and what is the amount allowed.

Photos & Camera

In some religious, official or tourist buildings, it is allowed to photograph or film outside. But never inside, under penalty of a fine. Respect the instructions indicated on the pictograms.

Getting around New York

The subway: New Yorkers spend a lot of time in the transportation system, especially in the subway. The network is extensive and efficient, operating 24 hours a day. The basic fare for a trip is $2.75, regardless of distance. Magnetic cards can be purchased inside the stations, at MetroCard machines or at the ticket counter or you can pay via credit or debit card by a no contact swipe by a card processing payment terminal by the entrance of the platform. To get to the north end of the city, take the Uptown train, south to Downtown. Some stops do not go in the same direction, but they are often on either side of the street. It is also important to check the letter or number of the line indicated on the train because, from the same platform, trains can go to different places.

Yellow cabs: They are yellow in Manhattan and apple green in other areas. There are so many, you will have no trouble finding one, except from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm (rush hour). On the roof of the cab, there are three light bulbs. If the middle one is on, the cab is free, you can simply call it with your hand. If the middle one is off, the taxi is taken. If only the side lights are on, he is off duty, that is to say that he has finished his service but can take you if the trip is on his way back. The prices are regulated and relatively interesting. All cabs are equipped with card payment terminals. At the end of the trip, you just have to select the payment method on the screen (cash or CB) and follow the instructions. Don’t forget the 20% tip.


It is forbidden to smoke (or vape) in all public places (restaurants, bars, nightclubs, museums, transportation…) and in the open air in the parks, on the city’s beaches, and in certain pedestrian areas. The fine is $50! The objective of this restriction is to breathe easier and live longer. The legal age to buy cigarettes (including electronic cigarettes) has been raised from 18 to 21, a first for a major American city.

For your Guides & Drivers

It is customary to leave a gratuity at the end of the trip for your guides and drivers who will have accompanied you throughout your stay. This is of course left to your discretion. As an indication, the commonly adopted basis, for the guide, the drivers, is $2  in all, by participants for the whole stay.


You should know that in the United States, the service is not included and constitutes the remuneration of the waiter, the “tip” which is evaluated between 15 and 20% of the amount of the bill. If you pay by credit card, indicate in the box provided the amount of the tip you wish to leave and make the bill yourself. In bars, leave $1 per drink served. At the hotel, we usually give a tip to the porters, for a maid, we leave them on the table of the room when leaving. In cabs, it is customary to leave a 20% tip.


In the USA, prices are always quoted without taxes, whether in stores where the tax will be added at the checkout, or in hotels, restaurants, bars… Each state and each city is free to set its own tax.


To call from the US to an international destination with your cell phone: dial 00 followed by country code+ city code and the number of your correspondent (be aware of the time difference).
Except for the iPhone, most cell phones in the United States use a CDMA network, rather than GSM. Check with your operator for compatibility. An international extension is necessary to call from your cell phone, and the cost of communication is expensive.


The standards for electrical installations are not the same in most countries as in the United States, so remember to bring an electrical adapter in your luggage. It will be essential for recharging your cell phone, camera, or computer. Indeed, in the United States, the electric current is 110 volts / 60Hz.
The plugs in the United States have 2 flat plugs, often with a third-round plug for the ground.


The American constitution does not stipulate any official language. However, it is obvious that English is the most widely spoken language in the United States (80% of the population), with Spanish coming in second place (12%), followed by Chinese. 

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